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  • publish date : 2019/04/29
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History of Abadan Chamber of Commerce

In 1945, Abadan chamber of commerce has started its activities with Khorramshahr chamber of commerce jointly. As the commercial activities in Abadan port has been developed and the number of Abadan traders at the joint chamber increased, they decided to establish their own chamber of commerce in Abadan. In 1973, Abadan chamber has been established independently in Bereim district in Abadan. In 1979, at the beginning of the imposed war the chamber was temporarily transferred to Ahwaz and as the war ended and the reconstructions in Abadan started, the chamber has been settled in Abadan again and started its activities.

In the new period of Abadan chamber activities, following the imposed war and reconstruction, and as the Abadan port started working and traders returned there again, through developing of business services and return of the past prosperity, the chamber has always tried to solve problem of traders and merchants and to be a connection between the private sectors and the government. In recent years, many foreign delegates visited the city through the invitation of Abadan chamber in order to develop target markets and increase the commercial exchanges. Currently Abadan chamber with more than 3500 members has a broad activity in offering services to the commercial section in Abadan and as Arvand free zone has been established and due to the huge potential of the area such as the four ports of Abadan, Khorramshahr, Chovebde, Arvand Kenar and the international airport and the railways and its proximity to Mahshahr special economic zone we hope to observe noticeable and effective activities in near future.